Jesus said "The thief comes only to kill and steal and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10.10

Our shared call from God is to live "Life on mission with Jesus growing disciples growing churches where we are."


Jesus said "I am the light of the world" John8.12

We believe that the Father's will is done as we seek Him in prayer and worship, and obey Him in all of life.

We are confident that God's kingdom us coming here on earth as in heaven because of Jesus and His plan for unfolding through us, His people.

We are empowered by His Holy Spirit and equipped by His Spirit-inspired word for life to the full.


Jesus has placed us here in this city for such a time as this. We are based in the centre of a vibrant, creative city. We have a significant part to play as an Anglican Church within a much larger church body across the city.

Our call is citywide and outwards from here. We are pursuing this call in partnership with other churches and organisations for the good of the city and the glory of God.


Bristol has a distinctive way of life and mix of people, from a creative mix of backgrounds, each searching for meaning in life. People crave a sense of belonging in a fragmented, individualistic culture.

As a church we long to shine distinctively within Bristol as we are:
Generous people who love our Jesus' gracious gospel, gifts and love;
Radical people who follow Jesus in every aspect of life;
Obedient people who delight to put God's word into practice;
Worshipers who pursue the Father in all of life.


Jesus connected us with life in all its fullness. We participate in His kingdom movement, empowered to help others connect with Jesus where we are in education, our workplace, local communities and family.

We will reach out to connect with people around us, share God's gospel and invite people to see in us the difference He has made. We will invite people to join us as we seek first Jesus' kingdom and life he has called us to live.


We are invited to be part of a growing community based in our homes or elsewhere. These communities are the main way expect people to witness our new life for Christ. They are characterised by: HospitalityObedience to God's word, Ministry of the Holy Spirit  through prayer and worship and Encouragement to live the life Jesus has called us to live. Within these communities we also meet in small Core groups for prayer, accountability and support.


As we gather on Sunday to celebrate God, and all He is doing, we realise that we are gathered by Him as part of something much bigger than ourselves. We are part of a city wide, worldwide movement as His kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.

We expect to grow as we develop daily connections, midweek communities and Sunday celebrations. We have confidence in God that we will plant another church in Bristol by 2018.