A Life of Kintsugi

During one of our team ministry meetings I was reminded of a longstanding Japanese art form; Kintsugi’.

Kintsugi is where you take broken pottery and repair it with a lacquer mixed with gold powder. The result ends with a restored pot with beautiful seams of glinting gold. Each of these seams adds to the life-story of the pot; where it’s been, how it has been  used, the adventure’s it has had. Instead of tarnishing its character, and being rendered unusable, it gives the pot a new lease of life that it would otherwise not have had before. Not only that, but now laced with gold, the cracked pot is even more aesthetically pleasing as it catches the light with its golden scars.

It takes the broken and replaces it with beauty. Each crack releasing beautiful testimony.

God does that with us. He takes our broken lives—all of our sin—and as we encounter Jesus, He redeems us by healing our cracks with ‘gold powder’. He won’t eradicate the cracks in this world, but we get to experience a taste of heaven— of what to look forward to, as He fills us with His healing touch of love and mercy.

Our church roof is currently being fixed above us; its cracks repaired with stainless steel and lead.  It seems to me to represent the physical emulating the spiritual realms. 

Why don’t we take the time to search our hearts and press in to what beautiful testimony God wants to release in our lives today. The process may be daunting, and even painful. However, the bible tells us that God is rich in mercy (Eph. 2v4), He is gracious and compassionate; slow to anger and rich in love. (Psalm 145v8). Even through the hardest of trials, He will not leave us (Psalm 23v4).

- Naomi