...and Carolyn Revill, Clarens, SA

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Re-shaping the Staff Team…

There have been lots of changes within the staff team. Along with 24 children joining our 16, we have two new teachers on team. Elmarie and Mme Anna are now teaching the newest Caterpillar Class, and Matseleng will be working with me in the Butterfly Class. For those who knew Gill, she has moved on to concentrating on her training school, and Jeanett went on maternity leave.

As well as these exciting changes, we have been blessed with two short term volunteers from the UK. Kate and Helen stayed with us for a few months on their pre-university gap year, and this term a teacher from Scotland is joining us for a couple of months.

Yes Inspector!

Our version of OFSTED came
calling; we had a couple of minor adjustments to make, for which we need to submit evidence. As there is a four month delay in their response, I expect to hear back from them in June. We are also in the midst of an in-depth internal self-evaluation to maintain our ISASA (Independent Schools of South Africa) status. This happens every six years, for which I amresponsible.

Sports field

No news yet! Sadly some things move very slowly in SA and after submitting the necessary paperwork last October, we are still waiting to hear. It is probably stuck in an in-tray somewhere. Please pray that it is actioned quickly!


God is faithful and, in January, two new leaders and some keen youth members joined the BBM (children’s church) team. The youth are passionate about Jesus and are great role-models for the children. We continue to reach between 50 and 100 children each week. BBM is fun and dynamic and we are praying that each child will know the Father Heart of God.

Prayer Points

Malerole is an orphan living with her Granny on the same site as the school. She started school 5 weeks after the rest of class, and needs a lot of attention as she continually challenges
boundaries. She has a wonderful smile and always gives me a hug goodbye. In class discussion, she said that she often feels sad because she doesn't have a Mum or Dad.

Mvele is a very shy and timid little boy. The first time I spoke to him, he was terrified and ran screaming to hide behind Mme Anna. I don’t think I am that scary—just a different skin colour! Things have improved since that first day; he is settling into class, is
making friends and even says good morning.

Nomasonto suffers from regular seizures and is on daily
medication. She is a friendly girl who tries hard but often
struggles with concentration and retention of concepts. Recently the number of seizures has increased.

Afia lives with her Ghanaian Dad and brother in Clarens. Last year, her Mum left to live in Jo-burg. She misses her greatly and often calls me Mama. She needs a lot of reassurance and love.

Pray for:

· Sports field land

· Favourable outcome from inspectors

· Children at BBM to know the Father’s love and to make their own decision to follow Jesus

· Me—for energy and time management

Praise God for:

· Jeanett and the safe arrival of baby Kamohelo

· Two new teachers joining the team

· Regular children attending BBM

· New BBM leaders