Short Term Mission Update

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In early August Jade, Hope, and myself (Reece) were on the team at a Beach Mission in Southwold, Suffolk. A picturesque beach town that, for two weeks every summer, has a team of 60 descend upon it to camp, enjoy the sunshine, and share Jesus with the holiday-makers and locals of the town. The main age range for the kids was from 5-18, split into smaller groups. The aim of the mission was to reach the parents as well as the kids. We did this through family friendly activities in the afternoon such as face painting, crafts, tea and coffee, and a beach Olympics. Every day at noon there would be a beach service, concluding the teachings from the morning and further involving the parents. Hope was working alongside the 5-7 year olds, “It was exciting to see a transformation in such young lives. Some would arrive with no church background, not really wanting to be there but leave at the end of the week being so keen to learn more about who Jesus is and what He did for them.” I (Reece) was also working with the 5-7’s and was encouraged by the family atmosphere of both the camp and activities we ran. Seeing God’s love work in and through others in an opposite environment to the busy city of Bristol was refreshing.

Thank you all for your support, in prayer and otherwise – it was gratefully received and a blessing to us.

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Charlie, Lucy and Sioned enjoyed a wonderful week in South Devon serving on Devon Christian Youth Camps for the Carrons’ 7th year and Sioned’s 3rd. The camp runs for 100 14 to 17 year-olds and the week is packed full of activities, as well as morning Bible Studies and evening talks & worship. Through studying the Gospel of John and hearing a different leaders’ testimony each day, the campers were deeply impacted by seeing how Jesus encounters different people, with many coming to faith! It is the absolute highlight of the year. 

At the beginning of August Ben, Immy and Ruth went out to Albania to serve on a kid’s camp. The children were a mixture of church and non-church children and came from all over Albania.

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It was a challenging week – temperatures of nearly 40°C, some very excitable children and drinking water which is ever so slightly salty can be a difficult combination, but it was a great opportunity to serve and see what God is doing. Despite the hard work preparing and running activities it was great that we could be there to facilitate the Albanian speakers to get along side the kids.

We also saw 29 children raise their hands during our gospel appeal half way through the week.

Members of Pip n Jay Youth joined Christ Church Clifton Youth and 5000 other teenagers at
Peterborough Showground to worship Jesus and to learn more about what it means to be a Christian. Jade shares how she found the week.

Recently I went to Soul Survivor in the new home of Peterborough show ground. We met with Christchurch Clifton youth group who were all very welcoming and we joined in with their games and set up camp right away. The UV party and Silent Disco party were great fun and we danced all night long. Rend Collective led worship at the end of the week and they were very lively and had lots of energy which bounced off everyone. The last night was amusing to take part in as everyone dressed up as what they wanted to be when they were 5 years old, I dressed up as a chef. The speakers and seminars were powerful and allowed me to stretch my thoughts and how I think about certain topics. It was also a blessing for me to be able to pray with other young people and share what I had heard from God and hear their stories. The saddest part about Soul Survivor is leaving as there is always a lot of energy which creates an awesome atmosphere so it's sad to leave. However what we are taught at Soul Survivor we are also taught to take back to our home churches, Miriam Swaffield was very helpful with her talk with how we can serve in our local churches.


At the beginning of August I served at the Hillsong Conference in London at The O2. One of my main highlights was meeting new people and speaking to different Christians that shared their testimonies. It was also great to see people from all over the world, mainly Europe, and from different walks of life come together to worship Jesus. Carl Lentz spoke on the last night and his talk was about saying 'Thank You' to God for everything he provides you with and not just when you have prayed for something to work out or happen for you, which I felt was very strong and spoke to me and many others. There were some other great speakers which also inspired me and made me think more deeply into my faith and my journey with Jesus. The worship was incredible for me; loud, bright lights, dancers and visuals. The whole production came together perfectly and over the three nights a few hundred people gave their life to Jesus. During the last day the leaders held a baptism service in the team area for any of the volunteers who wanted to be baptised, which was so lovely to witness as it created an atmosphere which made everyone feel more like family than strangers. I would definitely recommend going to one of Hillsong's conferences if you can find some time off from work/school/university. In all honesty there wasn't a low point I can think of as the whole conference was unforgettable including serving and being amongst different people every session.

- Jade Silk