...and The Batemans with Ambassadors Football

2018 seems to be flying by! Here is a brief update. Thanks for being involved in our lives.


Daniel (drums) and Grace (bassoon) will soon take some music exams. Anna has informal lessons with Jo whenever she's sitting near the piano. We had a break at half term and it was great to get away from work. Jo is still at a solicitors in town and the workload is pretty heavy, especially as she is part-time. So please remember:

· Give thanks for the opportunities the kids have to learn all sorts of stuff.

· Pray for us as Daniel decides where to go to high school.

· Pray for us to keep bringing them up the best way we can.

· Pray for our work/life balance to be the best it can be.


We had a retreat in early January. 5 new staff were there since the last one. We feel like opportunities abound. New work starting in Newcastle, Glasgow and Lancaster due to the staff that are based there. We have trained 25 churches in the past 18 months in Community Football Outreach.

Pray we can continue to support the ones who are reaching out. I'm involved with Walking Football in Leyland, Saturday morning junior football in Lancaster and our team in the league.

Things to pray for:

· I just spoke to 88 incumbents and headteachers from the Church of
England in Lancashire on March 8th. We have some models of ministry that they could use. Just imagine schools around England sharing a bible message through football on a weekly basis.

· Pray for the growing partnership with C of E churches. Newcastle, Durham, Blackburn, Southwark, and Stepney are just some of the places where we are developing work.

· Pray for the new volunteers we have in Lancaster. Barry and Pam are
recently retired and bring energy and new insight to what we do.

Training - we now have a volunteer training programme. 16-25 year olds who want to help with our programmes can get training to then help in church based projects or our international coaching tours that we have.

Thank you for your partnership in prayer and support for what we do.

- With love from Martin, Jo, Grace (12), Daniel (10) and Anna (6)


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