...and Carolyn Revil, Clarens, SA

News from Dhilabeng Christian Church and BBM (Children’s Church)

This year, the  children have learnt about the lives of David and Elijah, the example of Paul, and are currently discovering the Fruits of the Spirit. We encourage children to respond to the message and recently I was able to prau that many would experience the deep-seated joy that Jesus can give. We have recently bought a new speaker, which will mean much louder praise and worship sessions outside!  We thank God for the children who regularly attend BBM, and pray that they will know the Father’s love and make their own decisions to follow Jesus.

Please also pray for two children whose mother recently died in a shack fire. They are Lerato and Mapula, and have been staying with their Granny.

We have still had no news from the local municipality about the Sports Field and Dihlabeng Christian High School. Please pray that the administration process will speed up and the land agreed.

The External School Inspection still has no firm report. However, the Internal School Review was completed and agreed by an external monitor within 3 months! We were also very pleased with the positive feedback.

We have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us.’ We visited a hair salon, the police station, and also had a visit from the local firefighters. I was slightly concerned at the police station, as the community police officer was keen for each child to hold a gun and have a photo taken!

People Who Help Us.png

An update on the children I asked you to particularly pray for:



Afia seems much more secure in the classroom and this could be because her Mum recently came back to visit. She is keen to learn, and always tries hard.





Mvele has been having session with an Occupational Therapist once a week and also horse riding therapy. These are being given free of charge by someone at the church who lives on a farm and three other children from the school are benefiting. He has made so much progress in confidence and self-esteem. He now tells me if he is upset by something!



Nomasonto has had fewer seizures last term although is only making limited progress in school. Please pray for the right place for Nomasonto to continue her education as she will not manage in a mainstream school. I would be able to keep her in Grade R for another year, but have also applied to the department for a place in a specialist school. Paperwork takes a long time to be processed here. There is very little money going into the home as Nomasonto’s Mum had a new baby in July. She had a casual job at a local butchery but lost it when 7 months pregnant. This often happens as employers can avoid paying maternity leave. Some jobs are held; others are not. Mum has also recently been in hospital.


Malerole has settled into the class well, but continues to need firm boundaries particularly after a holiday. She has a cheeky grin and continues to be very loving. She has made some firm friends and has a kind heart.