and Caroline Thomas, on furlough from Madagascar

It’s been really wonderful to be back in the UK. We arrived back at the end of May this year. After 9 years in Africa (2 in Mozambique and 7 in Madagascar) I am here for a furlough, to spend some time travelling and speaking across the UK and raising more support for Iris Madagascar.

My team are doing a great job keeping everything running in Madagascar but I am very much still involved in the running of the base and am in contact with them for at least a couple of hours each day via email and Skype meetings. We have also registered as a UK charity now, so I am able to spend some time working on getting that up and running, opening a UK bank account etc. 

It is wonderful to finally have some extended time in the UK to be able to catch up with people and to be able to travel and speak about what we’re doing in different churches and schools.

We also came back at this time for Andry to do the whole of year 11 here and do his GCSE’s and for Jeremy to get sorted out in all his various healthcare needs. It has been a good but a very busy time for us so far.

The children are all in local schools this year, and we are renting a house next door to my parents’ house. It has been such a blessing to be so close to them. Jeremy has many different hospital and doctor appointments and is in the process of getting all this teeth taken out under general anaesthetic this week. (This is something that he’s needed for a long time, but couldn’t happen in Madagascar) He is also getting referred to some specialists for prosthetic legs and for his squint which will be such an answer to prayer.

Please, if you’d like to pray for us we would love that.

Jeremy and for his health and that he would be able to get all the help and treatment that he needs.

Esti to continue to do well in school.

Andry to enjoy school, and to make some good friends.

Please especially pray for Madagasar at the moment as they have an outbreak of the pneumonic plague in the capital city where we live.

Please pray for protection for all our 167 children, 11 missionaries and 85 national staff.

Thank you and if you’d like to catch up please let me know. I’d love to connect with people whist I’m here.

- Caroline Thomas