Leadership Journal - October 2016

We live in the power of the resurrection! Yet we experience the pain of the cross! As people of faith in Jesus, our expectations of God in and through our lives are extraordinarily big, yet our experience of following Him and pursuing His purposes often leave us wounded. The paradox of wonder and of wounding, of resurrection and of death can be confusing for some of us. This should not be a surprise because we follow the man who is God; who whilst on earth was homeless, rejected, executed, and who in resurrection glory rules the universe. He brings His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, yet His church on earth thrives in poverty and persecution. How are we to make sense of life as His followers? The bible’s playlist for real people in the muck of life is called “Psalms.” In this book of delights, we overhear the devotion of kings, and the therapy of truth at work in the depths of broken hearts where we witness the comforting presence of Him at whose hand are eternal pleasures. As we contemplate the symphony of heaven’s agenda in our lives, our hearts sing His praise in the midst of our pain. We are the people on earth who know that pain is not forever. We are the ones who know that because of the resurrected Jesus, the best is yet to come!

We are delighted to announce that Chris Dias has joined the staff team as Ministry
Assistant this month. Chris has been part of the church family for several years. He is recently engaged to Alice who is a final year medical student at Bristol University. Chris will be working closely with myself and Tim B, and he will take responsibility for helping each of us to welcome people into our church family and especially into core groups. Please pray for Chris as he starts full time with us. His role is for one year.

The PCC (Trustees) over the next few months will be praying and discerning the kind of staff team we will need over the coming years. We are in no doubt why we are here; our purpose is to help the people of Bristol to follow Jesus. Our question is more about what kind of leadership team is necessary to equip us to fulfill our God given purpose. Please do pray for prophetic insight, godly wisdom and common sense!

- Tim Silk