Leadership Journal - March 2016

On a recent day retreat, I spent a large part of the day working my way through 1 and 2 Samuel.  It was a real joy to have the time to reflect, pray and listen to the Lord.  I was really stuck as I worked through the life of King David how he was a man after the Lord’s own heart (1 Sam 13:14).  I was particularly struck by the incredible grace that David demonstrated when people were opposing him.

David's gracious response to King Saul trying to killhim(1 Sam 19)  is to spare Saul’s life in 1 Sam 24 and then againin 1 Sam 26.  David would not lay a hand on one the Lord had anointed. Similarly when his third son Absalom was conspiring to take over David’s kingdom in 2 Sam 15, we see David’s generosity in his response that even when they were in opposing armies David’s desire was that his son should not be harmed.  We see something of the incredible grace of Jesus in David.  It points us    forward to one who would forgive the people who nailed him to a cross. We have a God who demonstrates true forgiveness to a those who persecute him.

This is both an encouragement to us and a challenge!