Leadership Journal - July 2016

I wonder what your reactions were when you heard that Brexit had triumphed and that we are now committed to leave the EU?  If the reactions on Facebook and Twitter are anything to go by, then emotions will be high and opinions – as with the referendum itself - somewhat mixed.  But what does Jesus say into all this?  What does Jesus say when it feels as if our world has changed?  The pound is dropping, shares are tumbling, there are resignations on the right and on the left, all that has seemed stable and known, the infrastructure of our society, feels as if it has received the most tremendous challenge, and we feel as if we are in the middle of one of those moments that we will look back to in history books (if we still have such things) in 50 or 100 years time.

Without wanting to be too political, Jesus says “remain”.  Not to remain in the EU (or to come out for that matter), but to remain in Him.  When I first arrived at Pip n Jay, this was the theme of the sermon series that we were looking at, John 15, and the words of Jesus: Remain in me (15.4), remain in my love (15.9).   As we take a few weeks looking at the letter of 1 John, we are also reminded of the need to remain “in the Son and in the Father” (2.24) and to remain in him (2.27) just as his anointing remains in us (2.27).

As people of God, when the political and economic situation around us changes, and when our own hopes and dreams and confidence for the future may change, Jesus says “remain in me.” 

What does that mean? I wonder if Jesus would say to us:

“Trust me.  Trust me, because I’m the King of kings who is the hope of the                         nations.  Trust me, because I know your suffering, your grief, your shattered dreams, your frustrations.  Trust me, because although it may seem that the world has changed, I’m still on the throne.  I still reign.  I have begun a good work in you and will carry it on to completion until that day when I come again and make all things new.  Trust me,   because I came to this world and I know what it is to be human.  Trust me because in my humanity, I died and was raised again from the dead so not even death has a hold on me, or those who profess faith in me. Trust me, because I am seated at the right hand of the Father and I’m praying, interceding, for you, and for your messed up world and your broken lives.  Trust me because I am faithful and good. 
Remain in me.”

- Dan Heyward