Leadership Journal - April 2016

We have been leading Pip n Jay Church for five years this month and Claire and I are so pleased with what the Lord Jesus is doing among us and through us as a local church.

The church weekend at home has been a highlight for me.  I have spoken to a number of people who have been part of the church for many years but who have not really spent time talking to other people who have been here for a similar amount of time. This weekend witnessed the church family reconnecting in a wonderful way.  I was also overwhelmed to see Robert and Mary Perham, who have been here a few years, prophesying over Alice Huffman, a medical student who has been here less time.

The Holy Spirit is helping us to see that we are Jesus’ family and as His family we hear his voice and act upon his words. Liz Evans was incredibly helpful to our church in helping us to speak encouraging and insightful words to people. She demonstrated that wisely used, prophecy is normal and not weird.  Our God has spoken a living word in the canon of Scripture, and with our feet on that rock, we hear a specific and immediate word that helpsothers to follow him. Let’s find the lost sheep!