Autumn 2017

According to the University of the West of England, and Bristol University websites there is a combined student population of 52727 people studying in this city this academic year. You and I therefore live in a city experiencing an incredible open door to witness to people who will go on to influence and inform British society over the next fifty years. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides personally and powerfully in those who believe. And, the gospel of our Lord Jesus is the power of God for salvation for all who believe.

So, what shall we do?

Because this is not a pub quiz, or a survey monkey, but the Father’s agenda that Jesus’ kingdom comes in Bristol as in heaven, we view this city with bible eyes. For years our church has prayed for, sent, and financially supported people who have gone to the uttermost parts of the earth. Many have given everything and have made life choices, which informed their relationships, financial status and their future reward. Yet the world has changed through globalisation, immigration, and technology in the most incredible way. Last month students from countries that have been ‘closed’ to gospel workers, walked in and asked questions about what we were doing on Sunday morning. We have an alarm clock to rise to and coffee to smell! As a Dad with a vested interest, please be nice to anyone who looks under 32.9 years old and acts like a student. Please introduce them to your friends, please invite them two by two for coffee. Please ask them how you can pray for them. Please ask them “if God could do a miracle in your life today what would you ask?” Then pray with faith! We have a team, led by Sioned Armstrong, who are seeking to gather any of the 52727 students to dinner on Sunday evening and then into Connect groups. Let’s go for it this month as we hoover up students and be kind to them in Jesus’ name.

Our Vision is to be a people who Encounter Jesus, Redeem Life and Love Bristol. We have been chewing on this for the last few months as a leadership team, a staff team and as Trustees (PCC). The heart of our heavenly gospel partnership has remained unchanged over the years. How we speak of our commission, and how this looks to those we are seeking to reach, must change every few years. Therefore, we have worked on restating our vision, clarifying what we are doing and discerning the values that shape the way we do things. Sunday 15th October is our vision day and we will be exploring the invitation Jesus is making to you to encounter, to redeem and to love in this city. We will hear a site update, a financial update and have the opportunity to make our mark as we stand together in Christ Jesus.

The currency of our faith is expressed in prayer. The action really happens in the secret place. You can express all the opinion you wish, but if doesn’t overflow from a heart devoted unto Him, it’s eyewash. So please offer everything unto Him, particularly during this week of prayer (9-15th October). Please devote your self to the secret place each day. Please join with others on our site at 7.30–8.30am on Monday, every evening Monday to Friday 8-9pm and Thursday morning at 11am to pray.

Christmas is a miracle! We all want a better world. We would love the opportunity to meet God. We are longing to be loved. The secret’s out. God has done something extraordinary. He’s blown the doors off. He’s made himself known and He’s demonstrated His love. Please pray for and invite people throughout December because He’s ready to redeem our lives.