Mormons & JWs v God & Me

I’m passionate about interfaith dialogue and sharing the Love of Christ with people from all walks of life. I especially love talking to Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses about their views on Jesus and who they believe He is.

Mormons believe that Jesus was a god, and that when you die you become a god. JWs believe that Jesus and Arch-Angel Michael are the same person. These are all really interesting beliefs, but they’re not what the bible teaches...

Throughout the new testament, Jesus is referenced as God. He even makes the claim Himself in Revelation 22 when He says “I am the Alpha and the Omega.”

I’ve had plenty of amazing conversations whilst speaking to both JWs and Mormons, but one incredible story is where a young man caught my eye as he was talking to some JWs. I waited for him to finish before I approached him. I asked how he found the JWs and if he would consider himself spiritual or affiliated to any particular religion. He replied “I do now”. He then explained how he wanted to join the JW organisation. I felt stirred to tell him about what the JWs believe. He was in shock. I then had a few words of knowledge for him and also felt I needed to pray for healing over him. He received healing for his foot; jumping around on it and saying: “It’s brand new! What magic is this!?” My wife laughed and replied, “It’s not magic, it’s Jesus!” He responded to the love Godshowed him, and threw his JW ‘Watchtower’ magazine into the bin!

I’m in awe of what God does.

All we need is to be ready and obedient to what the Lord is saying.

- Jonny Last