Introducing Sioned

Hello my name is Sioned (pronounced like the sun SHONE on ED) and I am doing an internship at Pip n Jay for a year. 

Some basic facts about me:

· I just graduated from Bristol University studying geography

· I am getting married to a guy called Rory in April next year

· I really love food and living close to Lidl this year brings me great joy

A few things have surprised me about the experience so far:

· The office can be quite noisy (Naomi is currently blasting Bohemian rhapsody) and when music isn't playing, it isn't uncommon for someone to be singing or making some sort of weird noise. 

· It's quite a normal office. They don't have hours of prayer during the day. They do drink a lot of tea though so it's not all bad.

· Chris is really like that all the time.

There are a lot of things that happen at Pip n Jay that I didn't know about:

· Recently I joined Liz and Anthony Warbutton (amongst others) as they gave out sandwiches in St James’ park and chatted to and prayed with the homeless. It was awesome to see God's children doing exactly what he has commanded us to do, and in such a humble way.

· I also found out that people go to the pub after church on a Sunday
evening. Clearly I was never invited before (#awks).

I am excited to learn and grow from all the amazing people that go to this church, many of which serve in a hidden and humble way. I am currently preparing for the arrival of students in the coming weeks. Please pray that God would bring the right individuals here and that we can make them feel welcome.

 Alongside church stuff, I have been working at a nursery for the past few weeks. God really provided exactly the work that I needed. Pray that I would continue to trust in his provision.

- Sioned Armstrong